CJ is not only an amazing wedding singer/ukulele player but an officiant in the State of Hawai’i since 2011. He typically offers a non-denominational type ceremony with Hawaiian touches and can tailor your wedding to your needs. Click Here to Contact CJ to discuss your special day, rates etc.! Please note, we do not offer wedding planning services.  

Born and raised in Hana, CJ offers ceremonies filled with music and aloha. CJ comes from a large, talented musical Hawaiian family. CJ has gained a reputation far and wide for the beauty and versatility of his voice, and he wears his heart on his sleeve every time he sings. He has wowed listeners from all over the world that will not soon forget his music or the way it makes them feel.

“I’m so happy I found CJ to not only conduct my wedding ceremony but to perform the music. What a relief to have both the officiant and music taken care of with one vendor. Not only did his beautiful voice carry over the windy beach setting to all of my guests, but the Hawaiian chanting added an authenticity to my wedding that couldn’t have been matched. I was so thrilled with my entire experience of booking CJ from beginning to end. Him and his wife Tanya made a great team, and were always so friendly. They really understood the importance of getting back to me right away and being detail oriented. CJ sent me the ceremony in a word document and let me modify it to my liking. He also spoke kind words of encouragement to my groom when I was a little late. I recommend booking CJ for your next event, not only for his extraordinary talent but for his genuine kindness and exemplary professionalism.” — Lundin Chapman, Oceanside CA

“My wife and I have had the pleasure of knowing CJ Helekahi personally since he performed for our wedding rehearsal luau on gorgeous Hamoa Beach. CJ truly has the voice of an angel, and the kindness and tenderness of heart to match. When I was planning a surprise vow renewal ceremony in honor of our 10-year wedding anniversary, I was elated to learn that CJ had recently become an ordained minister. I greatly appreciated how enthusiastic and collaborative CJ was, and he was completely open to my ideas for the ceremony and vows. It was so wonderful having him preside over our vow renewal ceremony, and it is truly a cherished memory.” – Brad Rister, Hermosa Beach CA

Click Here to Contact CJ and allow him the opportunity to perform for your Maui Wedding!

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